Arcade Fire 2017



On this occasion, I’m not sure if it is bots. I can’t see much popping up on the resale sites yet anyway. It was obviously in enough demand to sell out immediately from genuine punters, so hopefully on this occasion the touts were squeezed out because of the ticket rules.

On the occasions when I’ve used the Dice app, that seems to have done a good job of cutting out bots. It’s apparently harder for them to access as it’s app only, no website, and all tickets are tied to the individual user. I was hoping to start up a ticketing company that cuts out touts, but they’ve basically done it already.


New 12" for sale on this tour apparently called Everything Now:


someone in barca’s put it up already. sounds pretty decent on first listen. like it more than i liked reflector first time i heard that


Sounds like ABBA


Somebody needs to put a & between “BRAND NEW” and “ARCADE FIRE”, watch nerds wet themselves.


My tactic is to have 4 or 5 windows open and keep refreshing them 5 minutes before tickets go on sale. There’s also the “extra batch” tickets a week before the gig but that’s normally for massive arenas.


OMG sellouts


Fuck that!
Merge for life.


Looks like the websites been changed and redirects to this:


Humble brag here but my voice is on that new single.

Was at their Voodoo Fest show in New Orleans where they’ve sampled the crowd.


gonna be swimming in royalties m8



This endless drip-feed of information from them is just exhausting. Fucking put an album out and announce a tour.


Isn’t this always the way with new album announcements these days. This one actually seems less convoluted than normal (so far anyway)


Make sure you are logged into ticketmaster before too, and card details are up to date - then refresh and act very quick once live! I don’t think they went to bots.




Wall, meet bunch of shit which doesn’t stick.


they wish.


don’t mind it when it gets going

the flute sample is from this groover