Arcade Fire 2017



New song is OK (especially when it gets going as mentioned), but it’s no Sprawl II


yeah thought it was shit to begin with but it got pretty decent after a bit


Only listened once or twice, but feel like the U2-iness is getting a bit much to bear…

Still really wish I was at Primavera.


Abba meets U2 was the Arcade Fire’s natural conclusion and they’re pulling it off. New tune is a banger.


Everything Now must be their worst single other than I Give You Power (which was presumably some sort of joke). Desperately want to like an Arcade Fire album more than the one that preceded it for the first time but have pretty low hopes now.


I Give You Power doesn’t appear to be on the album anyway


Suburbs, m8


Went last night. So so good. 3 new tracks sounded superb. Very dance driven.


Prefer Neon Bible, personally, but it’s the closest call of the lot


Gonna go to Berlin show, BEAK are supporting


Yeah I don’t go to a lot of gigs but this was probably my favourite ever. Really like the new songs although I don’t necessarily think they’ll be received well by people who’ve already started to go off them.



Absolutely love the new single, crazy how catchy each individual bit is. All my ‘I Give You Power’-related fears have been alleviated!

Gutted I’m not at the Edinburgh show tonight but managed to catch both shows at Primavera. Everyone who is, have fun!




Ha I’m the exact same man, was tempted to go along and see if there were tickets going but finally decided twice in a week is enough! :smiley:



I like this latest song, though the lyrics are pretty terrible


Ehhhhhh. Reflektor B-side. Gonna be a shite pop album, innit. Thought could rely on them at least for a few great tracks/singles but not even sure of that this time


Maybe it’s in part to do with personal association but I think the lyrics are their most interesting since The Suburbs.

I like the song but the live version has a lot more bite and this version seems kind of subdued.


Yeah this really got people moving live, bit underwhelmed by this version