Arcade Fire 2017



I still like it a lot (although some of the lyrics are a bit clunky) but yeah it doesn’t quite live up to the promise of their live version.


Genuinely think the new Killers song might be better than this (say so cos it’s the same shit, basically)


yeah saw them do it in Belfast the other night (along with one called Signs of Life which was great), was fantastic live, this one lacks the same excitement, still quite like it though.

i keep feeling a bit put off by the changes in sound but being won over by the songwriting.


also they did this after the Dublin gig which i’m a bit jealous of


Nothing on the new track? It’s a lot better than the ABBA one:


Scroll up!


Sorry time zone difference :wink:


The first two singles from this new one have been absolute dogshit.


the album Is the first “good not great” for me, but I’m still looking forward to seeing them live on Sunday


I hope you all liked Everything Now, cos this album’s got three of them.

Everything Now:

01 Everything_Now (continued)
02 Everything Now
03 Signs of Life
04 Creature Comfort
05 Peter Pan
06 Chemistry
07 Infinite Content
08 Infinite_Content
09 Electric Blue
10 Good God Damn
11 Put Your Money on Me
12 We Don’t Deserve Love
13 Everything Now (continued)


Signs of Life sounded quite good live


I really like Everything Now.


I like pretty much everything they do so my opinion’s probably not worth much, but whatever.

Everything Now took a while to grow on me because the sugary and overtly radio-friendly pop sound was a bit jarring, but it’s really infectious and joyful musically with a lingering emptiness underneath which works well imo. Creature Comfort I like more although the live version is still better. Seems that the lyrics are pretty universally hated but I think if you can get past how on the nose and clunky it comes across, the specifics are interesting.

Lyrically both are quite direct and lacking in poeticism, though, which will probably exacerbate the things that a lot of people dislike about Arcade Fire anyway.


Win’s already been a pretty direct lyricist no?


The first and last is the intro/outro that’s on the video.

There’s two infinite contents there n all :wink:


He’s never been vague or impressionistic, but his songwriting to me is generally very rich and vivid in story, whereas in comparison these new songs seem to skip directly to the point quite starkly (though maybe not directly enough as I’ve read what are imo some pretty big misinterpretations of Creature Comfort).

Failing to articulate this but it just seems a bit different in tone in a way which I think people find off-putting. There are other older songs similar in style but none of them are amongst their most beloved.


Yeah, I guess basically it’s what many would think his most annoying trait becoming the focus. One of my major gripes with this album is that he finally seems to have succumbed to making grand statements with no real substance


Yeah your first sentence there is basically what I meant, although by it becoming the main focus I think there’s a chance people are instantly turned off and might end up missing the actual point. I’m not sure about the no substance thing - I mean, what constitutes a pop-rock song being substantial?

With Everything Now I do agree in the sense that it’s talking about big ideas without actually saying anything about those things, but it still works for me because I get a sense of sadness/unease/anxiety from the vocal delivery which plays well off of the saccharine sound and production. It’s a soundtrack to an idea rather than an interesting expression of an idea.

I can see why people find Creature Comfort cringeworthy or obnoxious, but I think there’s more depth to it than anything on Reflektor. The second and final verses seem self-critical in a way they never have before.


Have you heard the album?


Yeah I’ve reviewed it, it feels like a bit of a retread on Reflektor to me