Arcade Fire 2017



Oh, cool! Any idea when your review / reviews generally will start coming out? Very keen to read about it even if that means having my expectations suitably lowered.


Quite soon I think? Think it’s getting released pretty soon?

Tbh the one I’ve written is quite short, so to summarise (gonna blur in case people would rather hear it themselves first) [spoiler] there’s not a huge amount of memorable or stand out tracks that isn’t something they haven’t done before. In terms of the substance thing, while I agree with you pop-rock doesn’t have to be, Arcade Fire are a band who have always pertained to have a serious message or comment on whatever subject/theme the album is about and this feels like this he first time where they’ve not really said anything meaningful, and while it is an album about “modern world being vacuous/empty” it gets album little tiring when there’s not much else to it AND they all already wrote about this fairly successfully on Reflektor.

It’s not a bad album by any means and has plenty of good moments and songs but overall it feels a bit empty, which is ironic given that’s what they’re harping on about endlessly here, and I can’t really see myself coming back to it much… [/spoiler]

But you know, that’s my opinion, I’d still encourage you or anyone to check it out which I’m sure most will


Nice, thanks for the info. It’s out July 28 but I never really pay attention to when reviews come out. Who did you review it for?

I think I’m at the stage with them now where a decent album with some good songs will suffice, and if that’s the case I might end up loving it anyway just through personal association filling in the gaps.


I like Arcade Fire, but that tracklisting screams “trying a little too hard to be clever”!


The Skinny, and it’s not info it’s opinion :wink:



Ahhh this one is really doing nothing for me, hype levels for this album decreasing pretty rapidly.


Chorus sounds like Sound of Silver, and I don’t really like the song Sound of Silver…


I feel kind of bad that every time I post one of these new songs, I seem to be disappointing people more and more


For some reason Spotify will only play me the first 9 seconds of this song and you’re to blame entirely


Really liked the first two but not sure I can get onboard with this one, just a bit too pastiche.


Edit: I’ve heard it. These three songs are surely the worst singles off any of their albums. Sigh.


A hat trick of stinkers. Funeral was one of the best albums of this century, EN could be one of the worst!


It’s not that bad :laughing:


This is just “We Exist” again innit


Eh, seems that I’m going to be pretty much alone in my excitement around here, but I’ll keep going anyway and check in to say that I quite like it, just for balance. Really love the detail and production.

In terms of the worst singles from any of their albums, I’d say Month of May, City With No Children, and You Already Know, but I prefer the first two from this album to quite a few others too.


Those three are definitely up there too tbf. These are all among the stinkers, either way :smiley:


didn’t know the second two were singles. City With No Children is fairly unexciting though i quite like the other two (get why people didn’t like Month of May though)


this is another one that sounded better live with less of the pop sheen.

it’s not bad though and i like the other two singles. i get the dislike as my first impressions have been similar but by the end of the songs the songwriting has won me round.


Pretty sure The Guardian included Month of May in their ‘ten of the best’ article focused on AF. Madness.