Arcade Fire 2017



Month of May is great?


That is bizarre. Although I like their new stuff a lot more than most, if I were to do a top ten would be it would be pretty dominated by Funeral I think.


Same here. Sub Crown of Love for Sprawl II and maybe the closer for Intervention.


In The Backseat is my second favourite! Agree on Intervention and Sprawl II being in there though, probably along with We Used to Wait, for me.


(Month of May can be fun live though, so I suppose it’s kind of a nice change)


I’d do it with a heavy heart, ITBS is a great closer, but I just love the organ on Intervention and how it builds and builds and then lets rip.


surely you’d get rid of 7 Kettles before Crown of Love


Nah. But 7 Kettles could be dropped. Possibly for Antichrist Television.


really not into these three singles at all. basically amplified all the worst things about reflektor

one of those bands where I thought even at their worst they’d still be pretty good and underrated (reflektor, neon bible) but theyre testing that…


Basically never listen to Funeral these days because think its so dense, and know most of inside out by virtue of Wake Up, Tunnels, Rebellion being played to death.

But I just put on 7 Kettles (cos it was mentioned and i forgot which one it was), and bloody hell - even as one of the worst / less memorable songs on that album, there’s a genuine magic there. Win’s delivery, production, lyrics.

Contrast with these tracks + Reflektor (which I largely like), and that aura has pretty much completely evaporated now hasn’t it?


Yeah, couldn’t agree more. I also don’t really understand how his lyrics have gone from genuinely poetic and interesting to the bland cringeworthy stuff he writes now.

On the subject of 7 Kettles, whilst arguably one of the weaker tunes on that record, it’s perfectly placed in the tracklisting and works as a welcome rest bite from the more epic numbers.


Just seen all the top 10 chat. Can we knock out some personal AF top 10 track lists for the laugh?

Aye alright then, I’ll go first…

  1. Sprawl II
  2. Tunnels
  3. Rebellion (Lies)
  4. No Cars Go
  5. Power Out
  6. Crown Of Love
  7. The Suburbs
  8. Afterlife
  9. Intervention
  10. Reflektor


they’ve been playing Windowsill live again lately, i’d never really noticed how good that song is before


Having just said that mine would be dominated by Funeral, having given it several seconds of thought I’ll now contradict myself slightly.

  1. Tunnels
  2. In The Backseat
  3. Haiti
  4. It’s Never Over
  5. Power Out
  6. Rebellion
  7. Intervention
  8. No Cars Go
  9. Sprawl II
  10. Windowsill

We Used to Wait and Afterlife just miss out.


sorry this is meant to be a reply to hanshotfirst


I’ll pass the message on

  1. Afterlife
  2. Rebellion (Lies)
  3. No Cars Go (Neon Bible version)
  4. The Suburbs
  5. Neighbourhood (#1 Tunnels)
  6. Ready to Start
  7. Reflektor
  8. Sprawl II
  9. Antichrist Television Blues
  10. Intervention


No particular order:

Rebellion (Lies)
Wake Up
Power Out
No Cars Go
Keep The Car Running
Antichrist TV Blues
Ready To Start
Sprawl II


Music’s still decent, don’t mind them going a bit 80’s disco. Although Win is properly turning into a total parody of himself a la Sebastian Tellier at eurovision isn’t he?


Band that used to be bloody great got massive and are now doing stuff that’s just fine really. Same as it ever was.