Arcade Fire 2017



Enjoy the implication punk songs are dumb, y’all will love infinite content :wink:


Month of May is the type of punk song your uncle and his actuary pals could play at a (very vanilla couple’s) wedding.


Yeah porno! Hugely underrated song.


nah it’s rated about right :wink:


here’s last night’s set for anyone interested:

Everything Now
Rebellion (Lies)
Here Comes the Night Time
Signs of Life
No Cars Go
Suburban War
The Suburbs
(Dedicated to David Bowie)
The Suburbs (Continued)
Ready to Start
Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Creature Comfort
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

Wake Up
Neon Bible

Really good show, thrilled to get Intervention. Creature Comfort is pretty great live, it almost sounds Nine Inch Nails worthy


Quite like City With No Children


That’s amazing. Neon Bible as a closer is an interesting choice, especially after Wake Up.



Hopefully a similar set on Thursday in Manchester


yeah it was a kinda ambient/drone version from ringing out Wake Up, here’s my video of it:


They seem to be using The Clash as a template for each album, the new song is basically their Rock the Casbah


reasonably similar to the one i was at the other week


Signs of Life is just awful isn’t it? After an artist makes 3-4 albums I like I usually am irrationally apprehensive about them making something worthwhile - in all but a few cases hot streaks just don’t last that long. But Everything Now had me cautiously optimistic that the album would be as good as Reflektor, or at least a fully-fledged attempt at a ‘great pop hits’ album.

The last two singles have severely reduced expectations back to where they started: unless they turn out to be the worst tracks by a considerable distance this looks like it could be embarrassing.


Sorry to disappoint you but :wink:


I know that a lot of people are going to be like “hahaha bit late to the party aren’t you? Arcade Fire haven’t been good since 2007”, but I genuinely think albums 1-4 all stand up. So far this does not


oh me too, I think Reflektor gets a bit harshly criticised (both it and The Suburbs could do with some trimming though) but this is level below, sadly


If I say that I think The Suburbs is the best album they’ve released do I instantly get banned or put in Discobot purgatory?


not from me anyway (allthough it’s probably my least favourite… until now)


Nah, it’s the best. Followed by Reflektor.


it’s second best probably. though Neon Bible has grown on me a lot in recent years despite finding it a massive disappointment when it came out


Funeral >>>> Suburbs > Neon Bible >>>> Reflektor