Arcade Fire 2018

Really enjoying this demo of Put Your Money On Me

Wrong thread, m9

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What do you mean?

Just a shit joke, based on the 2017 in the title

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one of the better songs, although it is basically ‘We Exist’ again

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Not your best work.

Sadly, it might still be.


Can I shock you? I like this album.

Have slowly coming round to even not hating Chemistry

Bit of distance from release has done it wonders. Actually bought the vinyl and it’s a nice bit of packaging too.


wooft, nae chance I’m going back to it but good for you and your big call!


Bet AF wish they could distance themselves from it.


2005 Arcade Fire certainly do

It’s good and on the title track and we don’t deserve love it’s ace.


I enjoy with a) liking it and b) appreciating the vinyl oackage :+1:

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Title track still remains a beast. Hard to tire of it. Look forward to April shows.


Probs mentioned this upthread somewhere, but when it came out I immediately just deleted tracks 5 - 8 and as a result have really never had a problem with the album.

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Dance with your boyfriend all night long
Tell him you really really love his song
Close your eyes, its me you’re gonna see
Ain’t no way to fake it

Judging by these lyrics, Win Butler’s not much of a seductive stud but he’d be a great fit for the role of Freddy Krueger should they ever remake Nightmare On Elm Street.

We don’t deserve love is indeed excellent, kinda makes me wish the whole record for more like it though…


I think I mentioned doing this. It has to be said that I have not been back to this album in any shape or form since. I’m sure I will at some point as I’m seeing them this summer …but you know it’s a meh album.

I still listen to the title track a lot. Creature Comfort too, just can’t get enough of that twangy bass.


yeah dodgy lyrics aside I still quite like create comfort