Arcade Fire - Funeral love it or loathe it?



Hey Guys just wanted to here your thoughts on this album.

I havn’t heard the rest of the arcade fire albums, but I personally love it and I’m hoping there discography just keeps getting better from here.

Our thoughts are within the video above, but you don’t need to watch it to give me your opinion on the album. :smile:


Never heard of it


quit while you’re ahead, chief


Damn really? Even the 2 proceeding?


Check it out if you can man, even if it is just to hear Regines vocals in ‘in the back seat’. It’s well worth it.


are these a new band? not encountered them


No man, this album was release in 2004.

If you’re into indie/art rock its worth having a listen to one of there older albums.


Are you sure you’re not talking about Arctic monkeys? I’ve never heard of this band


I think they are confused.

The band is funeral. The album is called arcade fire.


Did they used to be amusement parks on fire?


Are they not dead?


I think you’re thinking of actual monkeys from the Arctic. There’s also a band called The Arctic Monkeys who made some cool songs!


No, the Arctic monkeys are dead too


Forget the ‘Crown of Love’, these guys are more deserving of a Dunce’s Cap!

Guess it’s got to that point in the summer holidays where the wee ones are really scraping the barrel for some entertainment. Hold on boys,just a couple more weeks and you’ll be back playing marbles and popping zits with your schoolyard chums.


What is ‘indie’?



Hahaha love this. Bless her


Hey man, we just like talking about music. Don’t just sit ‘in the back seat’, ‘wake up’ and give an opinion on the album, it’s interesting.


couldn’t of explained it better myself.


Well that’s very sad news