Arcade Fire - Funeral love it or loathe it?

Now, I happen to be quite a big fan of this band, and actually, The Neon Bible is their debut.

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I loved it when they toured as “The Neon Bibles”, and played with enormous papier maché hands

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The Neon Bibles yeah? Funerals was their first EP?

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I don’t laika it


Come on allis… you can do it
Come on allis… there’s nothing to it!

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Allisfulloflove laika’d this


This album isn’t all just about death and I think the song where that subject is highlighted most in ‘in the back seat’, it still has another theme with in it, about not being in control.

Also the emotion Regine portrays in ‘in the backseat’, towards her mothers death is extremely raw and powerful. Well worth a listen in my opinion.

Oh, you mean Regina Spectator?


This is a blatant jag. Are you in the Arcade Fires?

no, you’re thinking of alvvays

Eddie Butler might be one of my favourite vocalists of the last 20 years tbh. I enjoyed Reflektions so will give this ‘Funeral’ a listen…


I think I remember them touring with their singer wearing a helmet, which the other members would gently massage with their giant foam hands.

Just remembered a photo I took at one of their early gigs:


Yes, there are a few positive reviews around, but hey, there opinion wont be the same as yours, so give it a listen.

I’d rather you not just decide it’s bad before you’ve heard it.

your loss…

Rowan is baiting you all excellently here. God bless you Rowan


It doesn’t really make a difference to peoples opinion on the album.

I just don’t want you throwing hate at an album you haven’t even listened to man, it’s not deserved.

Rowan it’s a great album. Thank you for making this thread and bringing it back to the forefront of our collective memories - I know a lot of people have forgotten about this band.

Did you watch their video in the first post?

Hi CG!


As the arcade fires always say: ‘that’s golf, maaaaan’