Arcade Fire


Ffs Tidal


Someone pointed out that it sounds just like Gold Digger, and now that’s all I can hear.


It’s just shite really.


sounds like a nike advert


I quite like this.




lovely stuff. anyone else want to put out a shit trump inspired comeback song?


It’s like an inferior version of the new Spoon song


Well I think it’s just OK.


I hear Audioslave are reuniting in time for the inauguration…


Not great is it? Seems like another 80s throw back pop song


Does anybody at all actually want stuff like this from Arcade Fire? I’m not saying it all has to be accordions, but with Reflektor it only worked because they kept hold of the grandiose sound that people like them for. Incorporating different influences that other chanber-pop/indie rock bands aren’t doing is one thing that’s great about them, but without the big buildups and massive choruses, what’s the point?


Yeah I think an issue with this track is that it sounds like anyone could have wrote it.


I’m just relieved it’s not cod-reggae


We still have Funeral though guys, right? GUYS?!


I preferred their earlier stuff


Mavis Staples, that’s cool. I do like the song a lot but yeah, as has been said, it isn’t an Arcade Fire song really, is it?


quite like it musically but yeah doesn’t really go anywhere vocally


Can we turn this into a nice thread about all the cool songs they’ve done?


Fuck man