Anyone here into digging up stuff? Pick up pottery walking through fields? Walking on foreshores looking for trinkets? Watching Alice Roberts skipping through open fields soundtracked by Johnny Flynn? Recording stuff on the Portable Antiquities Scheme? Ever found anything GOOD?

Any good podcasts/TV shows? Any good places you like to search?

The new series of Digging For Britain has been on this week (BBC iPlayer - Digging for Britain) and continues next week.

I live near the site of an old Roman kiln and fairly regularly pick up bits and pieces and have gone back to Uni this year to study Archaeology so I can get to know a bit more about my local area and maybe one day have a crack at doing a job in something I actually care about.

First topic, so be gentle. Tell me about your historical adventures!


This might be of interest to you.


Not quite on topic but I’ve just got a metal detector (not found anything good yet- only used it once) so I will follow this excellent thread closely.

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Amazing thread, love this stuff. My favourite thing ever found wasn’t by me but my Dad. I don’t have a photo of it but it’s one of these:

We used to get to watch time team in history when I was at school and I remember finding it SO DULL. Now I would love it :laughing:


Love following mudlarkers on Instagram:


My old man has just retired and we got him one of those pinpointer metal detectors for Christmas. He’s getting proper into detecting and working out which detector to splash his retirement money on.

For now he’s just wandering around the garden pointing the pinpointer into flower beds!

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wow- was it in one piece?

I’ve done it a few times many years ago when I used to be obsessed with wading up the city centre rivers at dawn but never found much of interest. I like digging about in the earth at Pomona - have found lots of tiles that I love there, but again nothing of interest. I love seeing what this guy finds: Login • Instagram

Would like to read his London Clay book.

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It was! He has it sat on his desk ever since.

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We’re heading down to The Medway this Sunday to look for driftwood, Can usually find plenty of good tiles/pottery around there as it was the site of a busy docks for hundreds of years. Also, the UK’s only wild scorpions :scorpion:


Lovely thread idea. I can’t contribute much as despite The Detectorists kindling a desire in me I’ve not put it into action, definitely interested though.

I did watch the old BBC ghost story adaptation of “A Warning To The Curious” by MR James last night about an amateur archaeologist rooting around for one of the three lost crowns of Anglia and the consequences of finding it which I’d definitely recommend if you’ve not seen it and want some classy chills, the area of Norfolk they filmed in looks beautiful on the screen.

I’d not heard of Valentine’s meat juice. I wondered if there was more to it but no, it is just bottled meat juice.

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Sounds refreshing for a hot summer’s day thirst quenching :beers:

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It’s quite easy to see the scorpions in the summer in the dock wall on BlueTown High Street, if you go at night with a UV lamp. I’ve never seen one during the day though.

Friend of mine runs an antique shop in East London. Recently got a mudlarking license. Didn’t realise you needed one. All very interesting.

Don’t have much of interest myself, but did find this old bath yesterday in an air raid shelter that we learned was under our garden.


We have an air raid shelter too but it’s covered over by a raised bed so you can only see the corrugated metal poking out at one end. Did you dig it out?

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We pulled up all the visible corrugated iron but left the base in there.

Life long Time Team fan here, been enjoying the Alice Roberts series as well (that mosaic!!!). Never done any digging or mudlarking myself though, but would love to give it a try or properly study some local History. My manager got to help out at a dig in Orkney when she was on holiday, I was sooo jealous.


Sort of related:

Over the past few years while we’ve not really gone on holiday, we’ve frequently gone on day trips to beaches and I’ve mostly spent my time hunting down sea glass, fragments of glass that have been buffeted about in the waves and the sand to become irregular, smooth, dappled pebbles. They look like this:

Almost every beach I’ve been to - sand or pebble - has had a good amount. Most of what I have is green from beer bottles, but I’ve a lovely worn piece which is conical and is almost certainly an old glad bottle stop.

Hunting near old ports of industry has been good too. Some excellent pieces from near Southampton and Portsmouth that have etchings or letters still on them from industrial use.

Fully recommend it.


These are amazing!

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Would totally recommend getting involved somehow, it’s been great to get to know more about the place I call home and even get to help out on some small digs.