Archers of Loaf 2020


Hopefully, they’ll play London.

I love Icky Mettle and saw them at The Cargo when that was still a music venue and at ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror when ATP weren’t so consistent at cancelling their own festivals. Anyway, great live both times I’ve seen them. Love to see them play this year.


Remember reading about this late last year, seem like a shoo-in for Primavera.

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That sounds Thin Lizzy as fuck (in the verse vocal delivery at least)

What yes what

Absolutely love them, went to my first Primavera just to see them really - first proper band on the first day, so I was blackout drunk passing out by the toilets by 8pm on a Thursday. And it was worth every second of it :slight_smile:

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This sounds exactly like Up The Junction by Squeeze

Surprised and disappointed they aren’t on the Primavera lineup :frowning:

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new tune’s kinda nice

I forgot to listen to this when I came out, excited

Being drunk as hell on the first evening of my first Prima with a best friend and seeing these guys will probably be an all-time life highlight tbh

Lol I posted the exact same thing in Feb - I need new stories!