Archers thread 2018 (rolling)


The marriage was genuinely nice! Maxing out a credit card to go on honeymoon is going to haunt them though, you mark my words.

What else is going on? First time I’ve heard it in months!


Harrison is annoying, and he’s ruined Fallon. I also don’t like how they claim he’s turned the cricket team around when the short-lived Asian maths teacher did just fine a couple of years back and everyone’s forgotten they actually won the league fairly recently as well.

Also getting a bit worried about Kathy Perks who doesn’t appear to have spoken a word for about a decade, and on the same subject don’t get me started on Rauouruarrraiighh Aldridge or Ben Archer.


I’m as shook as Elizabeth!!


Robin Hood - quite like Prince Of Thieves
WIlliam Tell - good overture













Good posting colin.

Are you a Jazzer fan?


Easily my favourite of the near-world ending military exercises:


[Insert generic borderline racist Scottish comedy “yes” synonym here]