Archetypal Sunday Tea dishes

  • soft-boiled egg and soldiers
  • beans/spaghetti hoops on toast
  • cheese on toast
  • toastie of some description

Have I missed anything?


the still beating hearts of your enemies.

  • Tea


For avoidance of doubt, it’s perfectly fine to call it tea if you had your main meal at lunchtime.




Fish fingers.


This is a bit Old Boards, don’t you think?




Yep, good call.


This thread makes no sense


thought these were archetypal lazy midweek tea dishes


It makes perfect sense. It’s traditional to have a main meal at lunchtime on a Sunday, so the evening meal is typically a light meal. Well, it usually is for me.


Tea is the main meal, you’re on about supper


Hmmmmmmm generally if I’ve had a big Sunday lunch I won’t have dinner. Maybe I’ll have a giant pudding of some sort…





I’m pretty-much incapable skipping meals! The only real exception is if I’ve had a big cooked breakfast - in which case I’ll possibly skip lunch or maybe have a slice of cake for afternoon tea. Even if I’ve eaten a colossal Sunday roast, I’ll probably have some toast (alright Des’ree) in the evening.


you don’t have tea on sunday

you have dinner between 2 and 4.30 and then pudding a bit later

these are teas you have on a wednesday or thursday ffs (monday is leftovers, tuesday and wednesday you still put in a bit of effort but my thursday you’re clutching at the oven chips. then friday is takeaway or frozen pizza, obviously)


None of these are main meals. Would you have your main meal in the middle of the day on a Wednesday or Thursday?


You’ve missed out the Fray Bentos pies in my dad and brother’s meal schedule.

Also, friday is fish and chips, and saturday is takeaway. Learn the schedule.


I treat Sunday as any other day and have dinner in the evening.

But as a kid we’d have dinner earlier and a light tea. Crumpets was my tea of choice.