ArcTanGent 2017

Headliners announced on Dan P Carter’s Radio 1 Rock Show next Sunday at 7pm.

I am guessing it will be 2 of the following:

At The Drive In

I am also going to be on holiday up until it starts this year and am going to base whether I actually come back for it on said headliners. Would be sad to miss it’s 5th birthday, best festival.

Reckon it’ll be Mogwai and Swans. Probably ASIWYFA on Thursday.

I’d be very surprised if Deftones were one! Would love it, but really doubt their budget would stretch to them. I’d imagine Mogwai will be on there though.

Love the festival but the weather totally ruined my experience of it last year. Had to give up midway through day 3.

More interested in the bands lower down on the bill than headliners. Hope Oathbreaker play.

Wouldn’t be Arctangent without the apocalyptic weather. If it’s any consolation 2015 was worse.

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ATD-I are a Reading exclusive, so it’s not them.

The organisers said it was pretty much the favourites from the vote they had after last year’s event. I didn’t see th results of that, but Mogwai, Sigur Ros and ASIWYFA must be decent shouts.

just seems weird that Sigur Ros would be announced by Dan P Carter

ASIWYFA played last year in a non-headline slot, and have headlined before, so would be surprised if they don’t just come back for the Thursday this year

Year one was lovely. Other years not so much. Last years was the first one I missed, as couldn’t hack standing in the pissing rain all weekend.

Will probably go again this year. Reckon Mogwai are almost certain to be one headliner.

Sure about that? Doesn’t mention them as a UK exclusive here.

not sure what authority that website has, but Reading are selling it as such:

Yeah, seems you’re right looking at the official site. Bugger. Would have liked a Mogwai/ATDI headlined ArcTangent.

You reckon Mogwai, who have just announced a gig at Hydro in Glasgow (13,000 people at £37 a pop)?


(that said they played Simple Things and EOTR, both nearby and smaller, so you could be right)

I don’t think they’d have got Mogwai in year 1, but their budget seems to be going up (can’t imagine Godspeed were cheap last year). And they’ve said something along the lines of they’ve got the headliner most people wanted, and Mogwai won that poll.

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or it’s Toto


I imagine Mogwai are a bigger draw in Glasgow than other places. Would expect them to play to 2 or 3 thousand usually.

Wonder if Tangled Hair will show up? That’d be nice.

True that - what is the size of Arctangent? I only went the first year and was lovely and small - maybe 2,000 or something. Has it grown since then?

5,000, assuming it stays the same as the last few years which I assume it will. (think it was 3,000 the first year)

Oh okay, Mogwai sounds sort of doable all of a sudden.

my money’s on mogwai. reckon i’ll go again this year, really enjoyed it last year