ArcTanGent Festival rolling.

I stayed in a weird Alan Partridge style bed and breakfast when Sophie was playing with Her name is Calla - I was the designated driver, so it wasn’t close to the site, but was absolutely fucking wonderful when it was raining and freezing, and I rolled in, put Match of the Day on and had a hot shower on Saturday night.

When we did it as satan, we stayed in a Travelodge in Bristol which was a bit of a mission to get to and from, but again, was nice to not have to handle the cold and rain!


yeah this is the problem! think only one of us can drive and someone getting stuck driving all weekend aint gonna be too happy! hmm, will look into some options.

Yes! I’m sure I won’t be watching the bands :smiley: :confused:

if they roll over last year’s line up I’ll be happy with New Model Army and Hawkwind. Less so with Travis…

Oh fuck, I got steamrollered into BDs by the wife and friends. I’ll vomit blood if it’s Travis.

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yeah i’ve never managed to sort out staying anywhere other than camping just cos getting to/from accommodation would require a driver as far as i could work out

have no one to go with this year (yet) but could be convinced if I can work out off-site accommodation (i am never camping again after the rain in 2019)

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i just took a quick look at the ‘glamping’ options


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i even looked at renting a campervan the other day but it was like a grand at least

There’s other stages…it’s always a great weekend, just a really nice vibe all round. I


i’ll let you know if we end up sorting something, a couple of us seem pretty keen. might make driving more worthwhile if we can get a carful.

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We’ve ended up paying for a tent to be put up last few years and just leaving on the last night after the music (picked up by a very understanding Father-in-law), basically just camping there as little as possible. It’s incredible how much it rains there. I think it’s still cheaper than getting a taxi back to Bristol each day