ArcTanGent Festival rolling.

That’ll be a fun stagger home after a few ales :smiley:

Yeah, I think I’d spend the weekend lost amongst fields and hedges or in a ditch, might have to camp after all.

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I went to this too!

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Fucking hell this is a good lineup. Haven’t seen Opeth since they were touring Damnation / Deliverance (in fact think the last time was the Shepherds Bush Empire show they put out on DVD). Cult Of Luna, The Armed, The Locust, Mclusky, Bell Witch all make this VERY worthwhile for me.


Booked it. Pretty excited.


Having looked very longingly at posters in previous years, but never convinced anyone until now that it was a good idea, 2022 will finally be my first ATG and it’s all very exciting.

Clashes are inevitable with such a long to-see list. Line-up’s got even better. Do they stop there?

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Only just seen Down I Go are playing! I think there will be more added. Also the 4 real stages run on two side by side timings, so clashes are minimised as much as possible, plus it’s small enough to move between sets if you want to see half of two sets.

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There are going to be some very tough decisions to make I think, so many I want to see!

This is what’s making me seriously consider going, Down I fucking Go, my favourite band of all time. Absolute scenes. If I fail to go to this, some of you have to go see them and report back.


If you squint hard enough, that’s my name on the bottom line. would be nice to see some DiS-ers there - come say hi if you’re about. I’m on the thursday (not sure what time yet tho)


Yet more bands added. Car Bomb, Mol and Dvne to name but a few. This is so Me Fest.

Wish I could go :sob:

Emma Ruth Rundle is an excellent addition, surprised she’s so low on the poster.


right up there with… earthtone9!

I need to dig into her back catalogue, as I’m not too familiar. It can’t hurt to make it impossible to see all the artists I want to see. ATG’s pulling out all the stops for my first time.

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Beige Palace have been added to the line-up and I recommend them highly. ffo: wonkiness

Is there another headliner to announce for this? Or are Tesseract the third? Hoping for another big hitter (maybe a Converge Blood Moon show) but pretty happy with all the recent additions.

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