Arctic Monkeys 2022

Yeah, fair point actually.


£72.50 (GA/ PITCH)

£90 (PL1)


that VIP better come with over night stay and breakfast

If I remember rightly when we went to Old Trafford in 2007 it was about £35 and the support slots where infinitely better. Double the price in 16 years and shitter support. Cool

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Would rather see them in an arena or smaller, but The Hives supporting (who throw the sort of moves you should expect in a stadium) swings it for me.


Yikes stadium shows.

Impressive I guess.

Anyone know what sort of capacity these places are? Are we talking 50/60 thousand?

Major city ones are 50-70k yeah. Regional ones like Swansea/Norwich 20-30k.


Yeah, looks like they’d range from about 30,000 at the smaller end to about 60,000

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Me the other day: there really aren’t many bands left I’d pay to go and see live, Arctic Monkeys maybe.

Me now:



That’s just Old Trafford might be more or less depending on the venue.

Put it like this if you desperately want to see them and tickets are under £60 it might be worth it

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Just spoken to Mrs F about the Bristol show and we’ve agreed £60 would be the limit!


Funny that they seem to have hit the peak of their popularity after releasing their least popular album

Always found them pretty boring having seen them several times since the debut came out, all on massive stages at festivals mind. Just not a particularly engaging showman/s for playing to big crowds. Think a stadium tour will be a bit of a bum note tbh.

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£72.5 is genuinely on the lower side for huge acts now


Yeah, was thinking this. Paid £90 per ticket for pretty bad seats for Elton John with no support (totally worth it fwiw), paying £100 for Springsteen next year too. It’s still a lot of money but £75 is definitely below the going rate.

Absolutely agree, but on my budget it still may as well be £1000000.


Cheaper than i feared but marred by the fact that they will give you exactly 1 hour and 25 minutes of music, round it to 1.30 if alex decides to talk. 7 albums in they should be stretching a bit further for £70. I think after 8 or 9 goes i might bow out of seeing AM live anymore

There a pretty boring live band. Great in a small venue with some atmosphere but a stadium… nope, no chance. Save yer money.


Haven’t seen them in ages so I’m going (if I get tickets, the Bristol stadium isn’t one of the bigger ones). Performance-wise they’re not flamboyant but like I said above, there’s The Hives for that.

Saw them at the Leeds festival a couple of weeks ago. They were fine, no stage patter. Stood and played the tunes. but if I’m arsed to go to a stadium show for that amount of money I want to be ENTERTAINED.