Arctic Monkeys 2022

Gone from definitely not going to probably going. Still think the last album and what I’ve heard of The Car would make for an absolutely phenomenal theatre show but let’s face it that’s never going to happen.


I never begrudge a band success, but they would definitely work better in a theatre environment. Clearly impractical for demand reasons like you say. Haven’t seen them in over ten years so did get tickets for Bristol. We still can’t get it together to have a big venue so these things are rarities.

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A 10 night theatre residency in different cities would be amazing and so much more in tune with the sort of stuff they’re doing now. I guess there’s just more money in outdoor/stadium shows nowadays.

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Money is one thing, only 1% of their fans getting to see a show is another. Imagine the Twitterstorm from people who couldn’t get tickets and the touts having a field day.

I agree with you that the shows would be brilliant though, but it’s never going to happen as a tour. Maybe if they did they occasional one-off with ballot entry or something…

I’d pay extra to have them not play anything off the first two albums


My 14yr old daughter is a big fan and I’d be #1 Dad if I got tickets for the London shows. £85 x 4 though = 'kin hell. Her and a friend plus the wife and me. Missed presales so tomorrow at 9am it is for me.
Might just take her to this instead and say “this is a proper gig, this is how it should be done!”

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New song Body Paint tonight on Radio 1

they have performed it live, definitely a similar vibe as previous single

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extra manchester date added FYIs

Saw the ad for that, jealous

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Sounds like fucking Elbow.

Does it balls


Love that

The videos for these new songs are superb.


No idea where the elbow reference comes from tbh, but another track I can already see growing on me like Mirrorball.
Really looking forward to the album now.

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I like the way they said things suggesting that the new record would be good for the Lads who hated the last one, and by all accounts it’s a follow on to the last one so far. Ace.


Not as immediate as Mirroball for me but really enjoyed the outro and can see it growing on me a lot

Yeah the flickery retro 1970s Italian horror aesthetic is really great.

I don’t like it and I really liked Mirrorball.

Actually that’s a lie I dislike from the breakdown onwards. It’s like there is another gear for it to go and they just left it in cruise control. (didn’t even mean that, good car knowledge)