Arctic Monkeys



Can these pricks not just fuck off now? Absolute toss.


I predict that this will be quite good but will get an indifferent reaction on here for various point-scoring reasons.


What a crap album name

Trailer sounds alright mind, right until the end where the actual band kicks in…


Submarine soundtrack > suck it and see > debut > others

Probably see bee eh listening to anything they put out ever again though


Lord almighty this will have Ed Sheeran like ubiquity this summer and so will start to get very grating very fast

(I liked their last album and I listen to the submarine soundtrack regularly ok guys)


Ho hum


The predictable fucking state of the homepage of right now


is the real new Arctic Monekys LP Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

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The enjoyment from this will be the frothing of the music press. In for the lols.

Just seen nme have already started.

(The album might be alright. Heard the last one the other day for the 1st time in ages. Some of those songs are terrible.)


Quite liked that album


I listen to Favourite Worst Nightmare quite regularly. It’s got some tunes on it.

Also Brianstorm is just great.


Don’t really understand the animosity to the AMs on here. Perfectly decent band, seem willing to change things up etc

I thought the last album was good - can’t believe it’s that old already


Yeah. Humbug’s good too, I like the Hommeness.

It’s not like they’re fucking Coldplay or fucking Kasabian.


we are in total agreement @Mistersteve


Alex Turner is a coked-up prick.


Most musicians are.


Are you telling me that my recorder teacher Ms. Hesketh was on coke?


Ol’ Ms. Highasakite



To be fair, I suppose I’m a musician and I am not. But lots are, it’s odd to pick out one. They’re mostly massive egotistical arseholes too.