Arctic Monkeys


Have you been checking out comments in response to posts from their official Facebook account? Because that’s where they all are.


this was the piece I found myself agreeing with the most:

Not usually where I’d go for an evaluation of an indie band’s hyped summer release but it’s really good


Yes, this is good. Thanks.



Great stuff, personally thought this track was a standout from the first few listens.


I’ve tried, but it sounds too close to Last Shadow Puppets (who I hate with a rare and fierce anger). It seems really arch and a little too knowing, but not in a fun way, just really dull. I will try again this week and see how I get on. Still pisses me off that any time a publication quotes the band, they include “accent” stuff. Fucks sake


really like the fact that the author, who seemingly only wears turtlenecks in real life, finishes the review with the line ‘i still think the dress code is preposterous’ :smiley:


Yeah the official Reddit has tons of the ‘anti’ stuff too, goes without saying that it’s all over Twitter but that’s casual fans/one-CD-a-year merchants. The reddit is the hardcore and it’s gone down like a knackered lift with a lot of them.


only just clocked ‘good morning, cheeseburger’ :rofl:


Totally agree. Always esp been into That’s Where Your Wrong…


‘Critical kickings’?? The critics have loved it though. Q mag gave it 5 stars!

I think if there’s been a backlash it’s the other way round; people thinking they’d not like it or maybe didn’t at first who now DO like it having lived with it. There’s a lot of that around.


That’s easily one of their best songs.


I love that tune


Very satisfying to play the intro on guitar for some weird reason.


Thought it was quite a smart comment concerning the concept of the album


I’ve only had a couple of listens, but i really like it, it reminds me a bit of The Divine Comedy in places, weirdly


Yip! Always had a ‘classic’ feel to it…


Liked it on first spin, love it now after several. It’s fucking excellent. It’s subtleties are it’s strength and I can tell they’ll keep me returning to it for quite a while.

Echo some of the comments above; I don’t find it that much of a stylistic left turn or departure from AM, just a bit more “mature” (for want of a better word). Don’t really have anything negative to say about it… except maybe The World’s First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip (worst song title) always seems to drift by completely unnoticed


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