Arctic Monkeys

there’s an arctic monkeys music video which involves a woman in a bikini stroking herself and crying while watching videos of Alex Turner just faffing about, before she proceeds to cook a steak or something, and it’s the most pathetic fragile male ego thing I’ve ever seen


I really hate this very popular, successful band.

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Always thought this track was an absolute banger…


Some good choons, frontman is really unlikable doe

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I really like loads of their stuff but this from @ciara_knight on Twitter still tickles me


Has anyone made the incisive and sensible point that any criticism of a popular band is a made up opinion to try to seem cool.


Like 'em - think every one of their albums offers something.

Everyone raved about the last album and it was huge, but the one before was miles better.

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They’ve got a track called “Golden Trunks”

… can we all just take a fucking minute here please m9s?

reckon they always have at least a few good tunes per album. terrible album title that, mind.


The last album hasn’t aged very well.

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So… they get lumped in with the whole Lad thing and that’s a shame. Alex is a great lyricist and (without wanting to sound like an embarrassing uncle) they do have a way with a tune.

BUT. The last album really wasn’t great (five of the songs were basically the same tune, for starters) and Alex’s “RU onside” stuff was bloody embarrassing. If we can get the old Arctic Monkeys back, I’m interested.


Looking forward to seeing them at Primavera from a suitable distance. I do like alot of their stuff, excluding however the last album.

The first half of AM is great but then it tails off for me although I’m still a fan of their other stuff. Also I might be in the minority but I find Alex Turners recent live persona hilarious, he’s clearly doing it as a piss take.


Still think Humbug is solid. Don’t mind the rest but never listened to em these days

Yeah, really like Humbug and AM. They were fucking quality love as well, much to my usual chagrin

There is also a good album of b sides made up.

don’t know why this is an ok defence for music and musicians really. It’s pretty easy to play an instrument and not be a prick. Even I manage it sometimes!

I fear you may have misunderstood me. Definitely not defending them.


This is correct

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Have to agree with this. I remember really liking it when it came out but I think I would just get angry if I tried to listen to it from start to finish now.