Arctic Monkeys


First few albums are pretty good. Last couple were defs weaker but had some decent songs.

Obviously wouldn’t admit to liking them in real life, but they’ve had a solid career thus far


Classic Ms. Hesketh



Whenever anyone wonders why people deride this band I’ll just show them this.


It’s a bit of a


Will never be surpassed


The guy at the back has the look of “I have made a huge mistake” about him.


amazed at how old the guitarist looks now (on the left)

  • deadly serious
  • obviously completely taking the piss
  • working on some, still cringey, half-irony level

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Id be surprised if this was completely shit, given that each of their albums has at least something to recommend it, but those song titles are utter wank


It seems to have been announced with very little notice too, maybe they’re planning to not release any singles from it or they’re aren’t any on it.



My problem with them is that i don’t enjoy their music that much. They’ve bored me both times I’ve seen them live over the last decade and only a few of their songs stand out. Not listened to them in a while but will probably check the new one out in the hope of it being worthwhile. I did like them around the first akbum, and they did seem more fun live back then, although i find those songs far too in the nose now.


£70! Wasn’t Kendrick Lamar and James Blake that price.


when did Chris from Skins join the band?


i don’t get it though, even when you come into threads and see what the consensus is nobody actually seems to like the music they’re coming out with anymore. are they just selling out venues on the back of the first 2 albums? weird how these things work.


Ick! I like them (apart from the last album) and the support act is great, but it’s a no at £70.


I like the first 4.


quite like this band, think they’re a cut above the usual brit-indie-guitar stuff and didn’t have too big a dip after their first one or two records

as said, turner seems a bit of a bell, but who doesn’t


DiS in poorly-reflecting-the-nation’s-listening-habits-as-a-whole shocker.