Arctic Monkeys


You’re not seeing anyone that can sell out an arena for less than £70 now


Best album?

  • Whatever People Say…
  • Favourite Worst Nightmare
  • Humbug
  • Suck It And See
  • AM

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Least good album

  • Whatever People Say…
  • Favourite Worst Nightmare
  • Humbug
  • Suck It And See
  • AM

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You can arguably rank them from best to worst in order of release. Though there might be a case for AM being better than Suck it and See.

Doesn’t make me too excited for the new album, that


Think Suck It And See is their best by a mile and I like them all.


I think all their albums have their merits and flaws, their debut dips in the middle for me and although FWN is probably my favourite album of theirs I’m not a fan of the last few songs (always found 505 a bit dreary).


Just don’t get the vitriol aimed at them - feels like the classic British case of shooting someone down once they get too successful after hyping them up beyond belief initially. Definitely more interesting than your Kasabian/Courteeners/Pigeon Detectives etc. that spawned from a similar era and scene.


I don’t think that’s really the “consensus” though, even on the forum and certainly not outside of it. They did have a bit of a dip in popularity after the 3rd and 4th (although even then, that’s relative to how massive they were after the first two - they were still big) but AM was absolutely huge, despite the reaction it’s getting in here. The singles that were released off it were everywhere, and I think kind of re-asserted their status as one of the biggest active acts in the UK. I won’t be going at £70, but I’d be pretty amazed if it’s not a complete sell-out very shortly after the tickets are released.

For my money they’ve never made a perfect album, and they’ve all had a couple of dud tracks on, but they’ve consistently tried to push their sound on (admittedly, relatively speaking) when they could have easily stayed the same and sold a truck-load of records and tickets. Don’t listen to them all that often, but find myself drawn back more often towards the latter three albums than the first two, which while great records, are very much of a time and a place for me and not something I find myself pining for. Will be interested to see what they come out with on this new one.


AM was their biggest in the USA and their best selling since FWM in the UK - if anything they’re on the up again after the dip around Suck It and See


Humbug their best imho


Like a lot of people have said, their albums always have something decent to offer imo.
I’ve always worked on the basis that they are massive piss takers that don’t take themselves too seriously, and I hope that’s the case with photos like this, though not sure…


Tickets for the tour sold really quickly and they’ve added more dates.

Well done everyone, you’ve ensured that promoters can happily charge us £70 a ticket next time. Or £70 plus whatever the next increment is.


Bands are allowed to make money


Of course they are. I work with bands and on several occasions I’ve disagreed with one of them about ticket prices, where I’ve felt they should charge more for their own sakes, and they’ve actually charged less.

But look at the curve of high end ticket prices in recent years. You could not call that inflationary.


The increase of ticket prices will correlate with the dip in sales of music I reckon


Pigeon Detectives have more tunes than Arctic Monkeys (3)


continuing to look like Richard The Hamster Hammond here I see


Pitchfork is now officially the NME circa 2004



I kind of like how the drummer has never really bought into the image changes in the way the rest have


He looks like he hasn’t bought into the drug taking as well


And he’s the one who ended up getting to be in Iggy Pop’s band. Don’t do drugs, kids.