Arctic Monkeys


I wish to be updated on what Arctic Monkeys are not doing on a daily basis



Arctic Monkeys Press Release, for immediate release:

  • For their new album, the Arctic Monkeys will take the bold, unprecedented step of doing no PR surrounding its release
  • Arctic Monkeys will release no advance singles from the album
  • A PR campaign will be launched to announce the fact that there will be no advance singles
  • Follow up print media to report on the lack of advance singles from Arctic Monkeys new album and bold lack of PR
  • After this campaign has taken root, a single will be released


I saw the bass player and the Guitar player at an Ho Sees gig last year. I hope they were taking notes.


Sorry to hear about the tragic events in Cameroon


One of the things thats always bugged me about arctic monkeys is that I think they take themselves very seriously.



(presented without comment)


‘TBH+C’ sounds like a keyboard shortcut for when it’s 10 to 5, you’ve had enough of your colleagues talking shit and you just want to save the spreadsheet and go home.


Enjoy many of their songs. Thought suck it n see was boring but piledriver waltz is a beautiful track. AM was great for 5 songs and the rest is a vague memory. Do me a favour from FWN is also brilliant. Crying lightning has some great lyrics. Also enjoyed the greaser look circa 2012.

Haven’t listened to the first album in years, would imagine they haven’t either.


The run of songs from Only Ones Who Know to If You Were There is probably my favourite thing they’ve done (you could probably chuck in Florescent Adolescent too if it wasn’t so overplayed)


He really can write a wonderfully vivid line when he’s in the mood:

“Well the morning was complete / There were tears on the steering wheel, dripping on the seat / Several hours or several weeks / I’d have the cheek to say they’re equally as bleak”


Sounds like they’ve made their ‘Hot Space’. I’m here for it!

Anyway some bright spark has made a Spotify playlist of the tunes Alex Turner said he’d been listening to of late (in a MOJO feature) and it’s amazing


What am I doing here?


can’t stand this new look


Just heard the album. It’s bobbins.


Were you a fan of them before?



NME only gave it 8 out of 10, must be awful, because I had them at a lock for 10 out of 10. Like this is the same publication that gave Arcade Fire’s last album a ten because they were among the 5 bands they have on constant hype cycle.


I’d say so they were the band I was well into when they first started when I was 17/18 ish and I saw em at the Attic in Manchester etc.

I think the music is alright, the vocals are really grating (there is also a lyric that disappointingly isn’t hokey cokey pig in a pokey) . It’s also not that far removed from the last Last Shadow Puppets album which I didn’t like either.


Can’t abide that twat from the rascals


Does sound like it’s basically an Alex Turner album