Arctic Monkeys


Interested to hear it. Well written review that.


I’ve had one listen but it definitely sounds like a bit of a left turn for them. Not many guitars, lots of words, piano and sweeping strings. It even brings to mind Father John Misty in places. A lot of their lad fans won’t find much to like here. Fair play to them for trying something different yet again, I say.


You could spend days unpicking Alex’s lyrics, which begin with potentially the most jaw-droppingly brilliant and ballsy album opener in recent memory on ‘Star Treatment’ - “I just wanted to be one of The Strokes, now look at the mess you made me make” - before taking in the fictional planet of Clavius on ‘Four Out of Five’ and eventually declaring “I’m so full of shite, I need to spend less time stood around in bars talking to strangers about Martial Arts”



Hard to love this, not surprised Domino were feeling a lit cagey about it’s release.

As someone who doesn’t particularly listen to lyrics there wasn’t much to differentiate each song on first listen. Will plug away a few more times as I’ve generally loved the other albums but think I can already tell I won’t have this on repeat.

Hope it isn’t five years until the next one. Really looking forward to seeing how the Flourescent Adolescent fans react to this.


I had a listen and I’m pretty impressed by this, parts of it reminds me of Andy Shauf’s last album (which I loved) as well as John Lennon’s solo stuff (She Looks Like Fun morphs into How Do You Sleep? at one point).


Never been a big fan, but thought the last album was decent enough.

Thought everything was set up for them to be unavoidable over the next few months with 3 or 4 bangers. Already got the status and hype, World Cup summer, nobody really even pretending to do anything but sit in the park with cans.

Kind’ve respect they’ve not even attempted that. Always have time for massive bands that take a ballsy left turn.

I get the FJM comparisons - I can see why the pretentiousness of the lyrics and delivery rub people up the wrong way but I find it entertaining, sometimes pretty funny. Weird paradox of clearly taking the piss by taking yourself way too seriously.

But then… It’s just pretty boring really. Suffers from the same thing FJM’s last album did. One-paced and samey.


I have a distinct memory of AM being released on the same day as Janelle Monae’s 2nd one as well and buying both, funny they’ve both waited another five years for the next release. I’m looking forward to listening to this new one, didn’t really like AM at all.


Have a feeling they’ll love it no matter what. Sounds like it will be a particularly interesting listen tbh


After listening to it most of today I think I have grasped why I’m not amored with it and it all stems from them not going all in on it musically.

There should be a choir, a massive orchestra and 20 organs. It should be bonkers and it isn’t its just sort of meh it definitely isn’t musically challenging . The closest it gets is four out of five.

The vocals still annoy me after that last shadow puppets somebody has told him his vocal skills are better than what they are and he can pull off some weird mid atlantic vocal style.


Really enjoying this! I am very much a lyrics man - although I do like the classy, neo-modern lounge lizard style too. I can see why a songwriter of Turner’s calibre might want to strip away the ‘classic’ Arctic Monkeys sounds and put himself front and centre, and/or fully indulge his own whims.

It’s not AM but it’s not trying to be at all. Even if I didn’t like it, I’d admire their gumption because this thing needs attention to make any sense and people are going to HATE it.


Some gorgeous stuff on this ere album but it’s surprising just how much of it is samey and cold and distant. I like the highlights very much.

Batphone is as-good-as unlistenable.

Seems they are trending on Twitter in the UK because people hate it so much.


halfway through but time for bed now. reckon it’s decent tbh.


He’s not got the vocal gravitas to pull off the gainsbourg/Walker vibe. When he tries to be Bowie it sounds better.


A few more listens in and this is really doing nothing for me. i’m not really interested in listening to an Arctic Monkeys album devoid of a single hook.


Quick look at Twitter and it seems the album has split fans straight down the middle. Half love it half think it’s boring.


If the first track is anything to go by then I’ll love this.

AM bored me to tears, couldn’t understand the hype at all. Glad they’ve changed direction.


I liked Alex’s Submarine soundtrack, and I love it when a band annoys fans who just want them to take a single style and stick to it, so have got high hopes for this.


I’ve never been a fan of them, even when they initially came out at that Brit speech a few years ago. However kind of alright with what I’ve heard so far of the album, think someone said either here or in a review it’s father John Misty like in terms of the lyrics being a bit of a piss take, definetly can see that and it feels like he’s having laugh on this record.
So many bands at this stage in their career just write substandard U2 type stadium fillers which is fair enough, people will lap that shit up but I respect them for not doing that and essentially writing this weird comedy lounge record that has polarised their fan base.

In short;


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