Arctic Monkeys


Is meant to read “never been a fan, and when they came out with that Brit speech a few years ago it didn’t endear me to Alex Turner as a person either” pretty much



Hammond appears to be on death’s door in that picture


sounds quite fun imo
quite like that he’s gone back down the jake thackray route


creasing up imagining the title track as a bond theme


I’m not really a fan, I probably said something up thread about being bored by them the last few times I’ve seen them, but halfway through first listen, this is a good sounding and well written album. I actually think I like it, in spite of Alex Turner.


pretentious wank, this

only listening b/c someone I like a whole lot is a big fan and I want to empathise with them, but oh no. bad band.


Started listening to the new album but then saw this tweet and I can’t take it seriously anymore:


“Someone call 999, Richard Hawley’s been robbed.”

Think it’s happened again.


Quite a few positive responses here. This must be how all the people who disliked The Last Jedi felt.


Got a terrible ranking on Rateyourmusic fwiw if you’re looking to judge music nerd opinion. I read that DIY review and decided it definitely wasn’t for me


This tickled me:



AOTY credentials for this type of thing alone


reckon this is their funniest record (intentionally)


the exotic sound of data storage
nothing like it first thing in the morning


What the fuck is going on with the delay on his voice on the first track :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Such poor judgement


hate when they sound like the last shadow puppets, stick it on the bside lads


True, the part where he starts reviewing a documentary made me crack up


Alex ‘The Hamster’ Turner


Enjoyed reading the Reddit. Some very upset takes on there. Never really been fussed…and I don’t think he pulls of what he’s aiming for here, despite it being admittedly more left-field and “interesting” than what they’ve done before.