Arctic Monkeys


(not a real hamster)



Fuck it, I really like it. Mind you I’ve never liked them much up to this point, save the odd track here and there so that may explain something. “I put a taqueria on the moon. Rave reviews”. It is actually a concept album about a hotel and casino on the moon isn’t it?

This is great


I was never much of a fan then working in a company that used one of their songs as music for when you went on hold killed any chance of me liking them.


The Americans seem really into them, the album probably has a decent chance to be their first number 1 there.




Can’t wait to see them drop this one at Primavera.


As I have said above I am not a fan of this record (the flaws outweigh the good bits) but, to have parlayed there reputation into a number of festival headline slots and a sold out tour were they have charged £60ish a ticket for this album is really funny.


Yeah it’s brilliant that Fallon clip. … And the expanded band! One of Klaxons! One of Tame Impala! Some other bloke!


very good. altho the Coral don’t belong on that turgid list, IMHO.


who the fuck are all those people?


On the basis of that clip I can see this being a relative flop in the UK but massive in the US - it really hits that 70s point where soft rock sort of merges with vegas lounge acts.



Sorry, didn’t see the previous post! This is what happens when you read threads backwards


don’t think i’m really gonna get on with this but i think if you’re gonna do a load of drugs and write an album about a restaurant on the moon then you may as well go all the way eh? fair play to em


Cam Avery, Tom Rowley, James Righton, possibly James Ford and… others.
It’s a pretty long list of side-guys involved. Kinda cramped but it looked better onstage at their own shows.


Makes sense, there’s about 8 different people credited as playing on each track in the album liner notes.


Listened to the album a couple of times and think it’s pretty great. Love the production and style of it. Of course they’ve gone off and made a cosmic Americana lounge concept album, they were never going to make AM part 2.


God it’s so samey


You mean you’re not looking forward to ‘The Ultracheese’?