Arctic Monkeys


Keep seeing this ‘they were never going to make AM Pt 2’ or ‘they’re not going to write songs about getting drunk in Sheffield anymore’, but I haven’t seen a single person actually asking for that.


Don’t worry. The only people asking for that are 12 year olds on Twitter who have only heard of five bands in their life - AM, Oasis, the Stone Roses, the Courteeners and Blossoms


I mean, I’m interested in giving it a listen but I was speaking to my mate about this earlier and he said that he thought the lyrics we some of Alex Turner’s best. He said that the line “kiss me underneath the moon’s side boob” was a particular favourite as I laughed in his face.


i found it a bit hard to make it through the whole thing and it is very samey, but some decent moments and i always admire when a big band takes a left turn that loads of their fans will hate.


I’m astonished that people find this album audacious. I really like it - and the lyrics are terrific - but it doesn’t sound like a huge departure to me.


Or Bloc Party


Rarely have I U-turned on an LP so quickly. Kinda loving this. I’d stay there. Or at least gamble for a night.


Normally a big fan, but I’m struggling with this one. Prefer them when they’re guitar pop.


Day 1: haha fucken shite, daft pricks
Day 2: it’s fine but a bit bland
Day 3: fav album ever wish i lived on the moon


alright gonna have to cave and listen to it. cheers pal, got me listening to some moon lounge shite.


Were whalers on the moooon…


ha… alright i sort of actually quite liked it on first listen and it made me grin a fair bit. very silly and way more entertaining than that last Father John Misty album… think if you ever liked Turner as a lyricist there’s something to enjoy? also they were definitely completely taking the piss with those press photos after all, eh?


i dunno, look at the tonight show performance. looks like they’ve properly bought into it


i watched that and it felt pretty knowing… BUT it’s almost better if they really have gone native. exactly what a massive rock band should be doing innit? regardless of whether the music is any good


Not sure how much I like the album but I really admire the chutzpah it took to release it


Really enjoying this. There’s probably a case to be made for this being their most consistent album, in as much as I rarely find myself going for the skip button. Can’t say that about any of their other records.

To be a fly on the wall at Domino when they stuck the master copy of this on the office stereo for the first time… :joy:


I believe this is the highest mark they’ve given to an Arctic Monkeys album:


i definitely prefer the concept to the music i this case, that live performance shows they’re really into the joke but i don’t think i’d actually want to listen to it again as it’s so clearly… a joke


Really like American Sports. Tthe first half in particular is pretty strong IMO. Second half I drift off a bit. Not sure whether it’s is due to listening to a whole album of this or a dip in the songs


Yeah, the rest were 7.4, 7.4, 7.2, 7.5 and 8.0