Are 90s fashions in for kids these days?



Like, kids who weren’t even around in the 90s? I went to IKEA in Croydon at weekend and it seems like every 12-year-old now how curtains and wears heavily branded sportswear. Is this a thing? @penoid?


Borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 90s



Ellesse is all over the fucking shop (literally)


along with fila and champion they now have high-end/heritage lines


brown cow?


yep. has been for a few years now, particularly popular with posho undergraduates who twin grey or khaki champion/fila/gola jumpers with gold chains


might dig out my sergio tacchini tracksuit, man.


Air max. Do they count?


hang on a sec…this is actually late 80’s/very early 90’s fashion these guys upthread are talking about here


Yeah, but I’m talking about young kids.


just want to say that there are still plenty of council estate kids in air max clothes and trainers, never went out of style.

just that they don’t have posh person hair, £700 coats and bags or other obvious class signifiers


air max definitely went out of style


lots of 12 year old girls walking around in ellese leggings.

sportswear and sportsluxe hasn’t been out of fashion for about ten years at this point. would say that this sort of thing is more so to do with the rise of athleisure~ and logos being v. in/everywhere, and these kids growing up looking up to social media influencers. also brands bringing out heritage lines and rebranding/collaborating other designers or doing fusion lines and them being literally all over the place.


never in byker


Makes sense, ta.

I always wondered what would replace the hegemony of the quiff among teenaged boys, never thought it would just revert to curtains.




boy oh boy, when I think about the kicks I’ve just chucked away in the past, or swapped for a ub40 record…it makes me sick to my stomach

1st air jordans (2 pairs)
1st huraches
reebok/nike pumps
1st adidas torsions
2nd wave adidas superstars

boy oh boy!


I guess it’s a natural progression from this:

“Sportswear brands like Nike, Carhartt or Reebok are king now, and if you want a nice shirt, chinos or footwear, you’d likely turn to a name with proven longevity, like Ralph Lauren, Hunter or North Face.”


100% right
most topmans now have a vintage section that consists of ralph lauren, champion, carhartt and tommy hilfiger


Is Carhartt a sports brand? And that was cool in the early 2000s… when I was the king of cool,