Are all the great comedy characters inherently selfish?


Is that their defining characteristic.

Apart from maybe the really thick ones.

Have a think about that and what is says about you.




No kids programmes



Bilko - selfish
George/Larry - selfish
Partridge - selfish
Hank - selfish

Those are the big four/five, so yeah.


You seem pretty caring


is selfishness the DEFINING part of Partridge though? Not sure.


is he REALLY stupid? Not sure.


Kenny P
Baz Fawltz


He’s not really stupid but he is very selifsh. Don’t know.


Also have you noticed how much people lie in sitcoms? It’s pretty much all that happens.

I’m fucking blowing this wide open.


almost always about saving face innit??


You have to laugh at things going wrong for them I suppose, and that’s harder if they’re being nice and trying to raise money for kids to go to disneyland or something.

I’m happy to concur with this hypothesis.


Right, let’s get this published and earn sean some $$$$


God this is stupid


looks like this should rhyme




Are you nominating Lori Beers as one of the great comedy characters?


How mean! Unlike you to be mean.


I for one am SHOCKED


Nah - Vicar Of Dibley