Are any of the new users still with us?



What happened to that sauce guy?
this is like in the american office when the branches merge but then all the ones from stamford end up quitting because of michael’s antics


@Gert ? fucking love me some Gert


@_Em is still kicking about, I think she’s new?


Is @ottomaddox new?


@allnerve is posting innit


@sauce come back


Isn’t that YesIAmTalkingToYou?


No he was around before.


Oh is it? I did not realise.


Newbies who I can think of:
@JonnyMango (though not sure if this is an old DiSer)
@VincentAdultman (winner of yesterday’s quiz)
@AllOfThemWitches is new I think.


I only joined yesterday. Haaai!


I think they’re separate people. Though they’re both from Kent.




Thank you, how long have you been here?




If I was a footballer, this would be my testimonial year. (I joined in 2006 and I’ve never quite managed to leave)


Where @qbert at?


No, that’s me. I’m just more willing to engage these days because there’s been a dramatic improvement in people’s maturity and social skills, and people aren’t horrible to me.

I suppose bloody mindedness as well, like if I stick around, maybe I can make the tone continue to improve/not let it automatically be a ladz pit.


Awoo, congratulations.

I think I was aware of dis back in 2001! Took me a while…


Also being stuck indoors with tonsilitis increases my motivation + you actually know if people have replied to you now. I found the old layout really confusing.