Are any of the new users still with us?



Hey! Very much enjoying getting involved - mainly in the music, tv & film & book threads, sometimes the football threads (not many West Ham fans on here is there?)…


I’m glad you didn’t quit on us. Good to have you here.


We’re here Lizard but have kept our presence pretty low key so far, understandably.


@umlaut_ampersand :frowning:


Haha! Not too much to be vocal about this season. I still need to join the Fantasy Football league too though this has been my worst start in years. The Friday games have thrown me along with terrible excuses like being away with no internet.

Anyway nice to know I’m not the only one!


I’d like to think that I would have been more productive were it not for DiS, but I would have probably found some other way to waste time. Have you been lurking for 15 years then?


Nominal Southampton fan here. @Aggpass is a West Ham fan, I believe?


Forget the newuns, who do you think has come into their own since the move?!

Have to say @Balonz doesn’t work so well on the new boards does he? Doesn’t shine as brightly if you know what I mean…

@Antpocalypsenow seems to be king of the boards in this new format!


Goodness me! What a thing to say! I couldn’t possibly agree though!


Just to clarify - I’m more this sort of fan:

Than this sort of fan:


This is because I said you were wanking too much isn’t it?


It’s a bit of a “fuck you c_r- I can take your place” move too.


it’s from when you said my fetus had a small willy. I’ve never forgiven you for that.


would you want to though?


Thanks for the shoutout ccb. It’s quite hard to get involved sometimes with imtimidating users like balonz and Jeremys_Iron around so it’s nice to be noticed.


There’s a fine art to proper time wasting. I’m a pro. This seems like a better way to do it though…

I haven’t been lurking unfortunately. I used to talk in music chatrooms when I was 14 and recently felt quite nostalgic. I met some cool people. I always thought this place was just for music reviews, I didn’t realise there was a forum. I made the mistake of wandering into a random chatroom recently and was traumatised by the amount of people trying to camerawank at me. A friend suggested this place! Soooooo here I am. No ones tried to camerawank me… yet.


I dabble…

Although I think in order to really make my mark here, I need to beat up one of the big-name users in front of their peers. Any suggestions?


haha not to that volume of idiocy, unpleasantness and typing diarrhoea.

It’s more like I’ve had issues with him turning up like a bad penny in real life, so there’s satisfaction in knowing that I can casually chat now and then, and it’s like checkmate keeping him out of something he used to spend a lot of time doing. Hard to explain I guess.


It’s a fair point. Even before c_r_gate, he was one of my least favourite posters.


Did my project come true?