Are bitcoins ever going to become a big deal (like, will I have to find out what they are)?

Because I don’t know, and can’t get my head round it whenever I read an explanation.

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I know a person who does it as his main means of getting money and can’t fathom how or why
He’s a bit strange tbh

Nah, thought it might but it’s dying down

I think if we just ignore stuff like this it will go away.


Is it morally acceptable to inherit bitcoins?


Bitcoin - probably not.
Blockchain - most definitely.


If you plan to buy stuff from the dark web then they are still a big deal

^ this.

It’s basically just drugs, human organs and military technology for sale on there, right?

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There’s a fair number of places, both legitimate and illegitimate that will accept bitcoin as currency I’m not necessarily sold on it as an investment prospect but blockchain technology is worth understanding.

There’s Ethereum now too. Is that a similar kind of thing?

Don’t answer, I don’t really care.

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Think that’s the Mount Eerie guy?


Pretty much the former, yes.

someone I know has started trading them and seemingly doing pretty well out of it - it looks v complicated though

it’s something to do with Minecraft, right?


… yes.

it’s a little more complex because there’s smart contracts attached to each transaction essentially agreements within the currency to ensure the conditions for the transfer are fulfilled.

Sorry, you lost me at “because”

this is like when our pension adviser starts to talk to me and he says loads of stuff and at the end I say “so do I need to do something?”


Makes me laugh that we live in a world where people think paying with bitcoin’s a thing. Had a mate once who insisted you could pay for stuff with Euros in the UK, so to prove a point he tried about five different shops and they all told him to get fucked.