Are bitcoins ever going to become a big deal (like, will I have to find out what they are)?

Café round the corner from my house accepts bitcoin. Find that a bit weird.

The taxi office at Walthamstow Central station has a Bitcoin ATM.

If yr bus is more than 10 minutes late you get the day off school fam

In 2010 bitcoin was worth $0.008
It’s currently worth around $3,000

That’s quite a return on ROI investment

Capitalism is strange

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What actually comes out of a bitcoin ATM? Just a slip saying ‘lol cunt’?


You think I’ve used it?

This is the bit where the meek inherit the Earth isn’t it? Fucking meek pricks.

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I’ve got a Scotcoin (or Scotcoins, dunno?) that were supposedly worth £10 when I signed up to get it/them on a freebie promotion thing a few months back. Haven’t once logged in to check my ‘wallet’ since signing up. Might be a $¢ millionaire. Or it might have crashed. No idea.

They occasionally send me emails that are one of two types: 1) a promotion/opportunity/last chance to buy more Scotcoins before the price goes up (what?), or 2) notification of a forthcoming steering group meeting or summat, which always seems to be akin to a Linux User Group in terms of personnel, location, and scale (i.e. a dozen middle aged men in a hotel meeting room).

When did you buy?

Tantalising x-axis, there. :chart:

Signed up at the start of January, so after a dive between then and March, followed by volatility from April to June, July send to have levelled off at the level of maybe a 10% appreciation. So, an extra quid. :moneybag:

the x axis is a timeline - it says 2016, don’t know why ESA cropped it

10% is not a bad return

this time next year you could be miwwionaires wzas

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some shops let you pay with euros. they’ll just give you a diabolical exchange rate.

shops can let you pay with whatever they want.

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He holds shares in major corporations related to the currency and helped create one of the ‘virtual mines’ where Bitcoins are created, the court heard.

Whoever wrote that article literally has no idea of what they’re talking about


Just bought some ethereum.

I actually traded my ethereum recently for Ark. I really want to diversify more but I have too many things to pay for this month to really play around crypto at the moment :expressionless:

Got some Ark yesterday as well, just in time by the looks of things

Yeah I originally bought into Ethereum at 330 euros :expressionless:

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Just in case anyone was thinking of investing, it’s still a good idea but…choose wisely.

I don’t play trading card games.

(well I kind of do play one a little now, but shh)