Are coffee wankers STILL the biggest wankers



one of my all time dogs is opening a coffee shop this weekend. popped in the other day to offer some help and he asked if I’d like a coffee.

I did, he made it and then criticised me for not stirring the frotha or some shit. took the buzz right out of it, maaaaan.

bike wankers a VERY close second. just drink coffee and ride bikes, for fucks sake



bike wankers by several leagues


any idea why this is uncatagorized?


fucking ballzed up that spelling, din i


Came here to post this.


You created the topic from and then didn’t set a board type. Probably.


Vape wankers


Fixed your subject line typo and added a coffee tag. You’re welcome.


The answer is beer wankers.

Saw a man (in an ever so fancy coffee shop) this morning wearing one of those tops that said
(another beer ingredient I dunno)


those t-shirts are the worst. on a par with “keep calm” merchandise.


this guy sounds like a right prick.

the only slogan acceptable on a top is J DILLA CHANGED MY LIFE, imo