Are digital SLR makers just fucked now?


I reckon if i was head of Canon cameras i’d be well sad these days. Everyone’s on their iphones now innit. #sad #cameras #sadcameras


There will always be a market for teens taking pics of bins or whatever


Took this photo of a cat on my iphone7

(Photo was too large to post)


way less than before now and they’re probably buying shit polaroids


I don’t have a smart phone and like to take pictures of my cat sometimes so it works for me


well i have a DSLR. but i wonder if ‘the kids’ will care anymore


The problem with dlsrs is that they’re such bulky bastards and people can use stuff like the fujifilm x10 which are a compromise between the quality of an slr and convenience of a phone, but there are people (like me lol) who will suffer with a massive slr all day to get nice photos


I think actual ‘quality’ photography will become cool though, it’s bound too. Instagram will look really naff.


yep i’m one of those people too. i def reckon there must be a slowdown on people buying, ferinstance, 350D’s these days


Think it’s regular digital cameras that will suffer.
DSLRs were always for srsbsns/to show to others how much of a REAL photographer you were. They won’t be replaced by smartphones.


nah not at all, especially ones with video are still being used massively to produce low-cost content . 5D mkiii is still one of canon’s biggest sellers and is basically the most affordable ‘proper’ DSLR, still used massively for fashion photography and loads of things


this is good insight thank you etf


ooh yeah I’m thinking of getting a camera to take on holidays with me, and I’m looking at getting a mirrorless camera as a good compromise between quality and compactness


this is a nice graph which shows the effects of disruption in the camera industry


The problem with dlsrs is they always try to walk it in


I have this. Not too bulky with the lens off and its very good quality


is that the a5100?



is lovely.


i still like taking my old point and click digital camera on holiday* it’s still much better than a iphone ( i hate my iphone but that’s another story).

I may very well be in a huge minority here though

it’s a mid range sony carl zeiss thing, probs nearly 10 years old now


class! eyeing up one of those bad boys soon