Are easy jet THAT bad?

this really, still looking at flights. Now quite sold on Amsterdam…can get bargain flights but know there must be a reason why they are so so cheap. Like £200 cheaper than KLM for the four of us.

So, worth it?

Absolutely fine for short haul flights.


I used to use them really regularly (like twice a week) and didn’t think that they were too bad really. I haven’t used them in about 4 years though. I’ve always though they were better than Ryanair, someone in work the other day said that they thought Ryanair were better.

I’m happy to accept a 200 pound donation if you want to waste money.

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Nah…it’s alright for a few hours. The cost only stays down if you avoid all the extras.

they’re fine. Use them all the time.


Never had a problem with easyjet.

caveat: All flying is evil and destroys the environment, obviously.


They’re fine, even the food is OK for the price

They are absolutely fine for short haul flights.

Just be aware that in Amsterdam they use the gates furthest away from the main terminal building so you’ll have to walk a long way when you arrive, and when departing from Amsterdam you should leave plenty of time to get from the area where the shops and restaurants are, to the gate.

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No, but they let you take on even less free hand luggage than Ryanair. With Ryanair you can take a proper bag and a handbag; I only discovered Easyjet only allow you to take one bag at the airport on Monday. It’s €50 to check in another bag at the gate. (So I hid my handbag straps under my cardigan, pulled the body of the handbag round behind my back and angled my body so the woman at the boarding desk didn’t see it. Got away with it. #thuglife)


(Aside from that they’re fine though. Just read the specifications for luggage properly in advance :smiley: )

I don’t mind Easyjet at all - flying them on Friday in fact (Berlin for the TVs birthday, thanks for asking). Does everything that you need for short haul for a decent price, the cabin crew are generally quite friendly, and the Orange livery helps to put me in a cheery mood.

Ryanair on the other hand I had enough of over 10 years ago and have successfully avoided them ever since. Maybe there is some pleasure to be derived from their shtick of treating their customers like scum but it’s lost on me. In fairness, I understand that they might have improved slightly in that time, but still, fuck them…


sleazyjet have always been fine in my experience. ryanair are total bastards, would try very hard to avoid them at all costs.

if it’s under 3hrs you’ll be fine.

What long haul flights do they do now?

Excellent thanks everyone. Is only a hour and 20 so should be fine. Would only have one backpack type bag each and all.

They do medium haul to Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Israel :thumbsup:

If you want to max out your luggage allowance then there’s a bunch of brands that do bags at the max dimensions allowed on almost all budget airlines. I’ve got one of these, which is pretty much big enough for a week’s trip depending on how crafty you pack:

£45 looks a bit steep - I got mine for £20 from TK Maxx, but there are cheaper brands around.

Plus, as 'pervs hints at above, coats don’t count toward your luggage allowance so fill yer boots - err, I mean, pockets…

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Wish I had the option of flying KLM

Ha, we got one of those bags the other year. Will definitely be putting the kids in multiple layers!!

Hello from Berlin, what’s the plan, Arcade Fire?