Are most people you work with cunts?

@iamwiggy was asking

  • Yes
  • No
  • My team are mostly fine, but must of the other cunts are worstcunts

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Certainly not. That’s a very harsh term reserved only for the most unpleasant people I know. I try to see the good in people.


Only one but unfortunately the company is so small her awfulness is felt far and wide.

Generally a great bunch o lads n lasses

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Pretty much all good in my current job. I’ve been here 18 months and still haven’t come across any true assholes.

Previous place of work was 50-50 - Some good, but some utter fucking pricks. The utter fucking pricks were the ones rising up the chain of command too, regardless of competence at the job. I somehow stuck that out for 9 years (although I did move departments three times within that).

everyone here’s great


I’ve worked in a couple of nests of vipers in my time. This place is really chilled and full of people I actually have some respect for though. I’m still getting used to it.

For once, no. Maybe 2 people who are standoffish. Nobody actively horrible.

Is this title in need of a [sic] or are you just sick?

Or maybe I’m just sick… :frowning:


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Only been here a month but all seem nice.

I got the job that a couple of people internally applied for - still trying to work out if they hate me.

Not at all

I wouldn’t say cunts but don’t really share any interests with many of them. And some are probably tories.



Had one awful person but he left thankfully (crimes included asking an Indian woman if she was worried about Korea, because that’s where she was from?! And writing a book on how to persuade women to sleep with you)

I’ll change my answer.


i’ve got a fucking great team :+1: