Are Pink Lady apples even slightly healthy?


Evidence For:

  • They’re apples, apples are healthy
  • They sometimes have a bit of green on them, and green is healthy

Evidence Against:

  • Utterly delicious
  • Sweet like chocolate, boy

Any scientists online to put this one to bed?




thank you Dr


Bet some apple snobs are gonna pretend they’re not the best apples


All apples taste the same.


That pink lady coldpress juice is probably one of the best juices ever. Wish I had a pink lady apple tree instead of whatever sour crap grows in my garden


I don’t even have a sour crap tree, be grateful for what ya got


They’re no Jazz apples, you’re right


the most polyrhythmic of all the apples. and the most delicious.


Well they’re good for the birds and wasps etc but not for people. The cooking apple tree tho is where it’s at, I make a crumble every year I can be arsed (which is most)


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An apple a week keeps the illness peak. An apple a year, well, that’s nowhere near [enough]


This is now the apple thread

Best apple?

  • Pink Lady
  • Golden Delicious
  • Granny Smith
  • Gala or some other incorrect option

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Anyone who votes for Granny Smith is a prick.



amazed golden delicious haven’t had advertising standards after them yet tbh


It’s braeburn. Grow up.


Gala or some other incorrect option


Tbf, apples are a bit shit


Tried a Pink Lady, mate? (CWBAFT etc)


Prefer a jazz