Are slippers shoes?

  • Yes
  • No

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Well, are they?!?

They are shoes insofar as a burger is a sandwich.

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I really want to argue with this point but I can’t. Annoying.

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Yes of course. Mine are more specifically boots

Finally all those minutes I spent listening to philosophy podcasts is paying off…

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The fucking state of these


Voting yes, but only for the soft slippers you’d wear in the house. In the well known folk tale ‘Cinderella’ there’s much talk of a glass slipper, which is inarguably a shoe. I would say it’s the exception that proves the rule though.

They’re very warm and comfortable imo

the real question is are shippers sloes?


my wife has ‘house shoes’ which are definitely not slippers.

House shoes

  • A thing
  • Actually slippers

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Really baffles me when people are just kicking back and relaxing at home on the sofa or whatever with shoes on. Weird behaviour. Either get some slippers or just take them off.


a shoe only becomes a shoe when it’s function is to be worn outside

Are badminton trainers slippers?

No, but I’ll tell you what, I always wear slippers indoors and will take them with me if I stay overnight somewhere. Cant be without them

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I guess technically yes

What about bowling shoes

shoes are a process



Owning your own bowling shoes that you keep in a little bag

  • A cool flex and a lifelong ambition

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*bowling slippers that you keep on your slipper rack