Are the slow notifications annoying you? (BANAL)

“Flaw” is a weird word isn’t it

Must be weird to southern English folk because you say it the same way as “floor”.

It is from the Latin ‘flawtus’ when a Centurion’s helmet would have an imperfection that could be exploited by a skilled swordsman.

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How the fuck do you say it?!

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Wow! Colour me impressed!

I miss a bit of nesting

balonz truly is a fount of wisdom

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Here’s a secret for you: the letter “r” can have an actual sound and is not purely decorative.


So it’s not pronounced Netunny?

do you say floor how they say mordor in the films?

I’ve asked you not to use my special nickname in public before.

Different vowel sound.

(Also the “a” in flaw and the “oo” in floor can sound different because they are, in fact, not the same thing!)

MARLON: hello roscoe

might need a vocaroo of this

Dear Scots, wrong is not pronounced rang, hand is not pronounced hond*. Need I go on.

*Limmy is the only Scot I have ever heard speak.

Slowtifications more like.


ROSCOE: oh hi marlon how’s it going

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You would just say “hawn”, no need for the D in hand. Floor is pronounced “flore”. Flaw is pronounced “flaw”.