Are the slow notifications annoying you? (BANAL)

Remember when thises wouldn’t show in the final post of a thread? You could post again to find out if any showed up, or bask in the mystery for the remainder of your life.

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those are still the same thing

Floor, flaw and flore are all the same and rightly so! Just ask the Queen.

You people

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chrome just flashed up a reply from @anon29812515 on my screen (in one of those little boxes) from 21 minutes ago!

MARLON: sorry what was that? you’ll have to speak up

Nice bass, man.

It’s all the bitcrusher mode of the synth pedal.

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ROSCOE: laughter speed cup? what does that mean?

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you are class, mate

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Hurling this into banal.

I just noticed the three pubs I have open are all parts of the body.

As you were.


MARLON: no I said you’ll have to speak up


So bored. Got 25 minutes left. Just filling in a world score predictor game and watching the demolition of the building across the way.

ROSCOE: I didn’t get a word of that Marlon YOULL HAVE TO SPEAK UP

:confused: Ugh. Feeling really irked and I know if I moan about it to anyone related they’ll just think I’m a dick, to be honest if I moan about it to people not related I’ll still sound horrible because I am being horrible.

Having a nice afternoon in a park, got a swan, duck and comorant all in view.


just moan about it here

it’s basically what dis is for


Moan - boast - moan - boast its a never ending cycle :smiley:


this is now the cycling thread