Are the slow notifications annoying you? (BANAL)


Thanks @japes I thought it over and I am just being completely unreasonable. My friends are basically suggesting we do something lovely and nice and fun before going on to do something else brilliant and I’m just being grumpy about it because I’m a massive dickhead.

ate loads for dinner last night so wasn’t hungry this morning so didn’t have any breakfast

now i’m really hungry

whose fault is this

  • mine (incorrect)
  • yours
  • someone else’s

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edit: 2hrs until lunch

I’m confused whose perspective the mine and yours is meant to be from, but this is definitely your fault.

This does make you sound like a dickhead tbf :smiley:


i’ll put you down for “someone else”

those bastards

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Well, I did say it sounded bad didn’t I? :smiley:

What is it?

how on earth do people feel like this?

if I eat loads for dinner, it expands my stomach and i’m then VERY hungry in the morning

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complaining about things (on the internet) > doing things that are nice and fun with people you like

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nah I get this - I don’t like it when arrangements get over complicated

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Thanks tim :smiley: Haha. It is exactly this actually, it makes me feel a bit anxious.



there’s still food in there so didn’t feel like putting more food in idk

Fancy joining me and @Unlucky for NYE dinner?

YES. I would actually.

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Sweet! We’ve booked a table for 3 so I’ll tell my wife she’s no longer welcome.


Maybe you’re feeling grumpy for other reasons and when you’ve adjusted a bit you’ll feel better about it.

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Yeah, you’re right. And I already do! Thanks to DiS! Lovely, supportive DiS. Thanks :heart:


Learnt the hard way m9, took so long to learn a lesson as simple as I’m more likely to be irritable when tired than face with an irritating thing so when I get annoyed I have to stop and ask myself ‘Wait. Am I tired?’ like I’m eight years old and the answer is usually yes.

Can seem condescending to pass it on but it took me several decades to learn it so…

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