Are there any causes you'd actually go to Milton Keynes for?

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I went to Bletchley Park and the computer museum once and I had to go near Milton Keynes. It was all pretty boring.


This is exactly how interesting posts in this thread should be, thank you for setting this precedent

Has a great craft beer place and my folks are there.

Been there for a couple of Netrunner tournaments. It was fine. There was quite a big Tesco.

Most of my posts are exactly this interesting, so it was no problem.


Milton Keynes gets an unfairly bad rap, actually. It’s no Stevenage.

I’ve never been to either

I went to the Milton Keynes bowl to watch Green Day many years ago. My friends car broke down on the way there and we all thought it was going to explode as some smoke was coming out of the bonnet so we really dramatically ran up the verge by the hard shoulder like we were in a film or something and then just sheepishly wandered back down when it became clear there was no explosion imminent.

My Dad came and picked us up and said he’d drive us to London so we could get a train instead but ended up driving us all the way to MK, legendary move, it was on Father’s day as well.

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Milton Keynes is just a bit lifeless. Stevenage is an actual shithole.


Went as a kid to throw a chuckie glider around a shopping centre.

That post almost got a little bit too interesting in the second half of the first paragraph, but overall it was about right. thank you

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People go there for OU stuff don’t they, their PhDs are mostly based there I think.

Been twice - once to visit mum’s cousin when I was a wee nipper, once to go snowboarding. On average this makes Milton Keynes of moderate excitement.

I occasionally have to go there for work :confused:

I’m not on the edge of my seat, but I’m closer to it than I was, did he see Green Day?!?!?

Playing MK Dons away.

But only on a Saturday at 3 pm.

When it isn’t raining.

I have also been to Milton Keynes for a revision course for a professional exam. The food was sub-par, but I did pass the exam.

A friend from Aylesbury LOVED going to Milton Keynes when she was younger because it was big and had good shops. I don’t really know England geography well enough to know if this makes sense or not.

Went a couple of seasons ago (around about this time of year actually) when we played MK Dons. Still the most comfortable stadium I have been to.