Are there any causes you'd actually go to war for?

Like the Spanish civil war or something, but modern day? I’m not sure there is one for me, personally. Even an invasion of Britain, just get out of dodge.

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Fully automated luxury gay space communism.




more portions.


Aside from principled objections, I’m sometimes glad that I didn’t live in a time in which I’d be forced into fighting in a battle or way, I’d go to pieces and am a complete wuss.

There’s still time!

fast lanes on pavements

ban on burritos

I’d probably be a liability in a war, tbqfh.

That sounds amazing, come on!

Sorry to anyone who believes in tempting fate and that I’ve maybe just effectively sent them to war.

Every army needs someone to point out everything has chemicals in it

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Could probably get around it by wrapping up some rice, beans and guac in a pizza.

World peace

actually tbh wouldn’t mind being one of those intelligence people that sit around in a shed decrypting codes and that if the money was good.


I’d probably be most useful in making Geneva convention-defying chemical weapons. For that reason, ahm oot.


Undead army pouring over the wall.