Are there any decent modern bands from Newcastle or North-East England?

I was looking at my RYM music map and noticed I hadn’t rated a single album from Newcastle or Sunderland or Middlesbrough or any other part of North-East england. In fact I don’t even see much from Leeds tbh.

So any bands that have come out since the 80s or 90s from that NE area that are worth listening to? The google list is unreliable but it does show that Lanterns On The Lake are from Newcastle and they seem to have decent reviews with a tolerable sound. I also see Maximo Park and The Futureheads are from around there and I like a few of their songs but have no desire to listen to a full album by them.

Kenickie are from Sunderland and I do like Britpop but don’t like the voice of their lead singer and The Beautiful South are a bit too pop for me.



i’ve never listened to Kenickie but i like Lauren Laverne’s voice on that Divine Comedy track she’s on

This Aint Vegas


Lanterns on the lake are pretty good but sound better live for me.

Guess Field music, School of Language and That was the week that was are the obvious ones.

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Get the first maximo park album.

Also try some fresh air (safety wink).

Also this:


Richard Dawson

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Eat Fast and Behold A Pale Horse are my favourite new new bands.

It really depends what type of music you like - Venom were from Newcastle, as were most of The Wildhearts. Half of Little Mix are from South Shields.

Martha are great, they’re from Durham.


Not sure if you can lump Hull in with the NE region like the others to be honest.

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The ‘North East’ is Northumbria and County Durham, not any part of Yorkshire. Status of Middlesbrough and Cleveland open to debate.

Gotta include Middlesbrough

‘Modern’ is stretching it a bit (a lot). But: leatherface.

Second this ain’t vegas.

Field music? They have some great albums.

Can future of the left count?

Historically part of Yorkshire, but probably more culturally connected with the NE cities. You can have it.

Many thanks

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Jimmy Nail singing Crocodile Shoes OR the cast of Auf Weidersehen Pet singing the theme tune. Thread closed.


Yep, Field Music are pretty good and there’s a band called Slug who are worth a listen:

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Yourcodenameismilo were alright