Are there any decent modern bands from Newcastle or North-East England?




First EP + album were awesome. Not sure what happened after that.


I enjoyed the later stuff too, few songs on that Print is Dead shite too. Then he got a better deal from The Automatic lol

I stand corrected. My brain had eradicated that from my memory.

an honest mistake. happy to let you off with a warning this time

Have you ever heard of Sting?


There was like 2-3 good songs in the lot. Guitarist who i always thought was the brains behind it is in editors now… and saw a dreadful new band of paul mullen’s a couple years ago.

¡Forward, Russia!

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If you like horribly noisy stuff there’s loads atm - Blown Out, BONG, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Tough Tits, Haiku No Ku, 11Paranoias etc.


Plenty from Leeds… Eagulls, Hookworms, Post War Glamour Girls, Battle Lines, I Like Trains, and Menace Beach have all put albums out in recent years.

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Don’t forget Drunk in Hell!


Going to make a note of these

If you do write down ‘Haikai No Ku’ as that is how it’s supposed to be spelt…

no mention of Prefab Sprout / Paddy McAloon yet ?

He can still knock out a wonderful tune. This is new.

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They’re from Leeds not north east England.

Mentioned in OP

fair enough, that’ll teach me to read the OP properly!

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No, you’re quite right. Yorkshire is not the North East.

Big fan of this from Okay Champ: