Are there any famous people that you regularly see out and about?

Not particularly famous but I see Jennie Bond in Tesco all the time, usually in the wine aisle. Also Andy & Owen Farrell are always about (famous in the eggball world I guess). I’m assuming you big city types will have lots of good answers to this and all the Brighton people will say Super Hans.

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Live in Birmingham City Centre and never see anybody here! Have seen Joe Lycett a couple of times on nights out but why don’t celebs want to come to Birmingham? :frowning:

Richard Hawley.

Work at mediacity so see quite a lot of famous people there obviously. Queued for a bagel behind Craig Charles last week


Sometimes I ride my bike past Enya’s castle (not a euphemism)

But I’ve never seen her
Don’t know what she looks like these days tbh

Bertie Ahern drinks in my local (seen him once)


This is the best sentence I’ll read today.


I regularly see an SDLP MLA hanging around Botanic Avenue.

That’s about it really. Used to see a few BBC NI newsreaders around the BBC building but for a while. Never see any of the UTV ones since they moved out of their old building.

When I was a kid Sarah Lancashire, Micheal Le Vell and Sean Wilson always on different Saturdays in Sainsbury’s back in Oldham. Corrie actors don’t do weekly shops.

Saw Gary Windass a fair bit round Spinningfields when I used to work there, more than any other celeb.

Audrey Roberts on King Street a fair bit.

Basically if you haven’t seen someone from Corrie in Manchester have you been to Manchester.

Used to see a fair few BBC sports people in the Booths at Mediacity when we lived there for a bit guess that list has expanded in the last 8ish years.


Numerous Wigan and St Helens rugby league players

‘Reverend’ Jon ‘The Rev’ McClure is often out and about. Surprisingly massive bloke and gives off pure cocaine energy

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See the bassist of Everything Everything at nearly every gig I go to.

Used to share an off license with John Cooper Clarke in Colchester

Do you go and see Everything Everything a lot?


Bassist from late Spacemen 3 / early Spiritualized lived here for a bit and I’d see him at gigs sometimes. Haven’t seen him in a little while so not sure whether he’s still around here.

See Stuart Murdoch a lot.

Will Carruthers?

That’s him

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His book is a good read.

Oliver Jeffers kid goes to ballet lessons in the class after my kid, so he’s there at pick up a fair bit

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Yeah so I’ve heard, must pick it up some time

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Edit: oh wait have thought of one, yer man from Idles was always about near my old house.

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