Are there any famous people that you regularly see out and about?

Just stand outside his house shouting “Purple Haze” every other Tuesday until he comes out and plays it on his doorstep.

Used to be stood next to James Ford at Primavera every year somehow that was always weird. Think we were both uncomfortable about how that kept happening about 3 years in a row.

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Mike Gatting lives round the corner from me


This reads a bit like you two were in business together. I’d watch that sitcom.


That’s a good one

Almost a household name, especially amongst a certain generation

But I bet only about 1% of people would even look twice if he walked past them

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Elaine C Smith

When I was at my mums for Christmas the neighbours came round and said that David Cameron REGULARLY gets coffee from the asda coffee shop AND his security is really low at the moment AND that there’s local a corruption scandal around his dad and wind farms

See Richard Aoyade in East Dulwich all the time

See Aggpass queuing for bagels on the reg.

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Not in King’s Lynn, no.

Used to see Richard Osman quite regularly in Cambridge

Goes shooting around here quite a lot apparently. As does Alexander Armstrong.

Only ever seen him once tbh. I used to see Nick Cave around far more, and you’d see Zoe Ball in the North Laine every now and then.

Years ago you’d see Chris Eubank driving around the Lanes in the cab bit of massive lorry, frequently getting stuck. And you’d see Jordan’s pink 4x4 around a bit too.

We used to go to Brighton a lot cause my godmother lives there and saw Eubank a few times in his monster truck.

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Yes… but obviously they’re all Swedish so it’s politicians & TV people you’ve never heard of plus some indie pop types that you’ll know

Most prominent is probably the actor Stellan Skarsgård who lives a few streets away (occasionally one will see others of the Skarsgård clan) and Greta now and again


Used to serve Dom Joly a lot in an old job, and quite often see him walking his dog in the park near mine.

Was very funny when I was with an ex once and he spotted him and he took a big intake of breath to shout HELLO but in his excitement it came out as a loud whisper


I worked near ITN so used to see a lot of newsreaders. I’d always think it’s someone I know rather than someone from TV so more than once have gone up to them all smiles and ready to start a conversation which they must be horrified by.

My old downstairs neighbour used to be in Eastenders regularly and I see her a lot. Also someone from Call the Midwife takes her kid to the same soft play as mine.

Omg used to be convinced Bass Everything was stalking me around 2012-15. Was living West Didsbury and he was fucking everywhere, undressing me with his beautiful eyes.

Enya’s castle

Sorry for doxxing Enya


Oh, and I spotted the lead singer from the Levellers in Yo Sushi last time I was there too

Super Hans and Nick Cave are the same person tbh.

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He’s a bit reduced circumstances these days I think - can’t remember the last time I saw him in a ridiculous vehicle, just on foot

When I first moved here there seemed to be far more celeb sightings - gaz Coombs was always in the pull and pump, Bobby Gillespie in the Heart and Hand. That detective from the Bill with a receding hairline and dark hair. The doctor who drove Gail Platt into some water in Corra.